Special Guests

Horace Dediu

Horace’s keynotes have lighted up all but one Úll. He has a unique insight into Apple as a company, but also as a cultural phenomenon. Horace writes Asymco.

Jason Snell

From Macworld to Six Colors, from the Incomparable to Upgrade, Jason has proven himself to be a wealth of insight on technology, culture and Apple. We’re thrilled to have him back to present Úll Radio, sharing the stories of some of our most interesting guests.

Colin Harmon

As the head of 3fe, Colin has revolutionised the Dublin coffee scene. In a few short years, Colin has progressed from brewing in his apartment to running one of the highest rated coffeeshops in the world.

Special Features

Chadwick Severn

Chadwick is a Canadian web and app developer with a flair for mischief and a very dry wit. He is the creator of NotesKey and the genius behind the Apple Design Studio Escape Room.

Shahid Kamal Ahmad

After an award-winning, game-changing decade at PlayStation, Shahid has gone back to the shed to make VR games. He is on the board of Double 11, podcasts on "Remaster" at Relay FM, and mentors developers for PlayStation in Spain.

Aaron Quint

Aaron is a developer and do-er based in New York. His interests are vast and varied, but at the moment you'll usually find him making bread, playing with his kids or talking about his work on improving the state of indoor agriculture.

Adam Gammell

Adam is the creative director of 8Bytes, a Dublin based studio making iOS and web apps. He's an Úll regular and a familiar face around 3fe during Úll coffee meetings.


Quinn Rose

Quinn is a rising star in the podcasting world and a prolific YouTuber, and she does it around her college schedule. In the last year she’s launched two shows about politics, pop culture and student life.

Anna Wilson

During the week, Anna works on the actual series of tubes that make the Internet go. When not at work, she travels back in time abut 600 years to learn the arts, crafts and way of life of the medieval period. She says that the food there is pretty good and you should try it.

Matthew Bischoff

After working at Tumblr and the New York Times, Matt set out to start his own app development studio. Matt runs a small team that works on huge apps, like NYT Now, Tumblr and Meetup.

Daniel H Steinberg

Daniel is the man behind Dim SumThinking. An author, podcaster, trainer and developer, he is a fan of Apple and Disney in equal measure and works regularly with both companies.

Mariam Saleh

Currently studying a BA in British Studies, Mariam grew up fascinated by technology and science fiction. She loves listening to and making music and can often be found walking the streets of Munich singing to herself!


Alicia V Carr

Alicia is a self taught iOS developer who is not only a successful entrepreneur, but also a vocal figure in the industry, working as the Atlanta director of Women Who Code.

Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Elizabeth is a freelance technology and commercial law solicitor, co-founder of Dublin Legal Hackers and member of the Technology Committee of the Law Society of Ireland. Elizabeth advises on commercial and regulatory issues in the technology sector.

Jeremy Burge

Fondly referred to as the 'Lord of Emojis', Jeremy is the founder and creator of Emojipedia and World Emoji Day. Originally from Melbourne, he now works from London and is a member of the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee.

Benjamin Norris

Ben is Senior iOS Developer at Tanner Labs in Salt Lake City, where he lives with his family. When he’s not on stage, you’ll find him producing some of the most creative sketchnotes out there.

Heath W. Black

Heath is a PM at Imzy in Salt Lake City. Prior to joining Imzy, he worked at Reddit and helped build one of the first commerce bots ever at Chirpify. When he’s not working, he’s either reading a book or watching NBA basketball.

Alexandra Cox

Alex Cox is the Senior Producer at Cards Against Humanity and co-hosts the podcasts Roboism, Do By Friday, and Refresh. She also co-founded Postloudness, a collective of audio shows by POC, women, and queer identified hosts.

Allen Pike

Allen runs Steamclock Software in Vancouver, where they design and develop polished mobile apps. Before founding Steamclock, he was a Software Engineer at Apple. In his downtime he records podcasts and plays on a hockey team comprised of programmers.

Michael Lopp

Unfortunately due to work commitments, Michael won’t be joining us this year.

With vast industry experience traversing Borland, Apple, Palantir, and recently Slack, Michael (or Rands)tech leadership knowledge is deep. He is the author of two books on engineering management.

Christina Warren

Unfortunately due to illness, Christina won’t be joining us this year.

Christina is a prominant figure in the world of tech journalism. She worked as a Senior Correspondant at Mashable and now writes at Gizmodo. She's a host on numerous podcasts and real pop culture geek.

Nicole Sanchez

Unfortunately due to work commitments, Nicole won’t be joining us this year.

Nicole is VP of Social Impact at Github and a lecturer at UC Berkeley Haas School of Business. She writes about diversity in tech over on Medium and describes herself as a 'purveyor of fine race/class analysis'.

Olympia Datta

Unfortunately due to travel issues, Olympia will be unable to make it to Ireland.

Immersed in the Qatari culture and raised with Indian traditions, Olympia's perspective of the world is inclusive in every sense of the word. Her unrequited love with the country she calls home rivals her angst for Petrichor.

Sabri Ben Radhia

Unfortunately due to paperwork issues, Sabri will be unable to come to Úll.

Sabri believes he can change the world one life at a time. He works with new technology and he's passionate about people and their stories, which he collects in his precious book. Sabri loves bringing people together using food, basketball and volunteering!

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