Special Guests

Christina Warren

Christina is a prominant figure in the world of tech journalism. She worked as a Senior Correspondant at Mashable and now writes at Gizmodo. She's a host on numerous podcasts and real pop culture geek.

Michael Lopp

With vast industry experience traversing Borland, Apple, Palantir, and recently Slack, Michael (or Rands)tech leadership knowledge is deep. He is the author of two books on engineering management.

Horace Dediu

Horace’s keynotes have lighted up all but one Úll. He has a unique insight into Apple as a company, but also as a cultural phenomenon. Horace writes Asymco.

Jason Snell

From Macworld to Six Colors, from the Incomparable to Upgrade, Jason has proven himself to be a wealth of insight on technology, culture and Apple. We’re thrilled to have him back to present Úll Radio, sharing the stories of some of our most interesting guests.

Colin Harmon

As the head of 3fe, Colin has revolutionised the Dublin coffee scene. In a few short years, Colin has progressed from brewing in his apartment to running one of the highest rated coffeeshops in the world.

Special Features

Chadwick Severn

Chadwick is a Canadian web and app developer with a flair for mischief and a very dry wit. He is the creator of NotesKey and the genius behind the Apple Design Studio Escape Room.

And more to come..


Benjamin Norris

Ben is Senior iOS Developer at Tanner Labs in Salt Lake City, where he lives with his family. When he’s not on stage, you’ll find him producing some of the most creative sketchnotes out there.

Quinn Rose

Quinn is a rising star in the podcasting world and a prolific YouTuber, and she does it around her college schedule. In the last year she’s launched two shows about politics, pop culture and student life.

And more to come..


Alicia V Carr

Alicia is a self taught iOS developer who is not only a successful entrepreneur, but also a vocal figure in the industry, working as the Atlanta director of Women Who Code.

And more to come..

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